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If You Can Do It….It’s Not Bragging!

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Our WEEKLY traffic

We bring in and manage 30,000 to 50,000 visitors to OUR OWN websites on a weekly basis. Our strategy and tactics gets results, real results for businesses. 

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Our 1st Week Results

A lot of people will tell you it “takes time” to get results or people to visit your online channels. We track EVERYTHING, and we know that just isn’t true. This is what we did in a single week, for a new website, new product and NO ONE had ever heard of us!

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Facebook Results

Too many businesses think they know Facebook, because they use it themselves. WRONG! If you can’t get results equal to or greater than this, you don’t know WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. We got our product in front of 40,000 buyers in less than a week and 2,000 of them came to our offer/website.

In order to get results, there are lots of specialist skills you need first

Here Are Just A Few Specialist Marketing Tasks We Do Well

How to Make it all “Just Work”

Online Marketing

There is no one ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to online marketing, which means you need to do more than one thing, and have them all work well together. This means having a plan, before you even start online marketing.

We can significantly improve your online marketing, so you get more customers and sales.

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Video Equal 1.8 Million Words

Video Marketing

Just about everyone would rather watch a short, informative video than read 1,000+ words on a website. Video is growing at an incredible rate with consumers, yet businesses are slow to provide the right type of video message.

We can create, publish and manage your videos to bring in leads you deserve.

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Focus on Just the Buyers

Buyer Targeted Marketing

Pay Per Click [PPC] can be a fast and extremely effective marketing technique to get more qualified leads to your online products or services, but it is complex and specialised.

We can get you the extraordinary results you deserve with PPC.

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Social Selling

Facebook Marketing

Most of your content on Facebook is seen by less than 5% of your subscribers none of your prospects, unless you pay for advertising and marketing on Facebook.

We can get the extraordinary results you deserve on Facebook.

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Play by the Rules of the Game

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines [especially Google] are in the business of matching the best possible response to an online question or search. The process is complicated and changes daily but there are rules that they apply that determines whether or not you are ever seen online by those looking for you, your products or services. Like it or not.

We can show you the rules of the game and ensure your business gets the visibility it deserves.

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Education Selling Systems

Content Marketing

Prospects and buyers consume content online. Videos, articles, reviews, stories and other information/education related to what they are interested in. The problem for most businesses is, they have to create this content to capture leads, educate buyers or convert sales.

We can create the right content for your audience, so you don’t have to.

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What do Buyers Think of You?

Reputation Marketing

“It can take 20 years to build a reputation and just 5 minutes to destroy it”- Warren Buffet. This can happen even faster online! Do you know what customers and prospects REALLY think of you, your business, your product or your services? You can’t leave this to chance. You MUST constantly build, manage and protect your online reputation. It could be the first thing a prospect sees.

We can design and implement a reputation marketing plan that you honestly deserve.

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Listen to What Buyers Really Want

Inbound Marketing

Online is no different that real life. You seek out and take quality, consistent advice, information and education from those that know what they are talking about. More so, if they are accessible and easy to find. This means that you NEED to be constantly sharing your expertise online.

We can create, publish and evaluation your content to bring in leads you deserve.

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Looks Are One Thing….But Results Are More Important

Website Design

Everyone makes choices based on how things look. This is particularly relevant for websites and online channels. Get it right, and you get constant streams of engaged buying customers. Get it wrong, and you spend a lot of time, money and effort for no results. Not to mention what it does to your business.

We can design and create a modern website that does all the things you NEED it to do and look great.

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Mobile Ready

Mobile Websites

Not all websites are created equal. Especially when it comes to websites that are viewable or optimised for mobile devices and tablets. As much as 50-80% of your visitors may be using a mobile device. How do you measure up?

We can determine and create the right mobile site for your business.

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